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Allessindra Kedricks

Foodness, 20080123.1600-20080124.1600

It seems, since my days tend to run that I wake up at 4pm, I"m going to try to keep things focussed that way.

20080123.1630: can of campbells vegetarian vegetable soup. 6 saltine crackers.

20080123.2000 (approx) through to 2359:
Ground beef (browned with dried minced onion, granulated garlic, parsley, all pretty generic brands)
jarred spaghetti sauce (Classico Tomato&Basil, leftover from fridge)
cottage cheese (Stop&Shop 4% min milkfat, bought that day)
parmesan cheese (generic)
one piece of penne rigatta, one piece of regular strand spaghetti. (Spaghetti had been in fridge for a week; cooked the penne, tossed sketti in for last few minutes to warm it up.)

I'm not sure about the quantity; I don't know how much those bowls hold. I had one full bowl, and asked for another but didn't eat much of it. For each bowl, there was mostly meat, just barely enough sauce to put color all over (and I do mean barely!) and on the order of a quarter cup of cottage cheese.

(Housemate (caterer) says she thinks the bowls (leveled off) are about 12 oz; thus, I probably had about 16oz total (meat and cottage cheese) the first bowl, and maybe 4oz in the second serving.)

Also, about 30-40 oz of tea with cream.

Reason for this detail: I slept from about 1am to 7:30, waking once in the night. When I went to bed I had a muscle cramp in my right foot, or I woudl have been in bed about 15 minutes earlier. When I woke at about 6am to use the toilet, both hands and feet were swollen, as they have not been in a while. When I moved to get out of bed, I had a bad muscle spasm in my left calf; my left thumb is hurting if I press the keyboard with it (alt key).

Further notes: sketti sauce was evaluated as 'ok', but might have had a start of mold. Sketti was in fridge for a week, additional possibility of mold. Could this swelling be an allergic reaction?

20080124.0000: 50mg tramadol, 500mg naproxen sodium, 1/2 tablet tizanadine

20080124.0815: 1 small stalk celery with less than 2tbsp Skippy regular peanut butter in the groove.
50mg tramadol, 500mg naproxen sodium, 1/4 tablet tizanadine.

20080124.1100: snack-size ziploc packed full of ground beef (about 5-6 oz?) as a hamburger. 20+ oz tea with cream.

EDITED: I forgot to switch to a new post for the next 'day'. Doh! Onward...
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