Allessindra Kedricks (allessindra) wrote in amqfood,
Allessindra Kedricks


20080127.0900: 50mg tramadol, 500mg naproxen sodium, 1/4 pill tizanadine. No food.

20080127.1215: 7.5 oz roast beef (weighed this time! but teh scale doesn't go any smaller than half ounce...)

20080127.1215 onward: two large mugs of tea. 24oz each?

20080127.1500: minor migraine starting, right hip freaking.
20080127.1600: 50mg tramadol, 500mg naproxen sodium, 1/2 pill tizanadine.

3 hours of sleep.

20080127.1900: pork roast (two thick slices), 15 brussels sprouts, approx a dozen green and yellow beans mixed, one potato approx golf-ball sized. 24oz tea.

20080127.2000: 2 lindt ball truffles (hazelnut, 15g carb/3 truffles)
20080127.2030: two (short) stalks celery, more than 2tbsp peanut butter.
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